Meditation is so much more than quietening your mind. Through meditation we can energise and raise our vibration!

Modern day life is full of stresses and everything is pretty fast paced. To avoid getting caught up in the mental rat race of life, meditation is so important. It calms our mind and slows everything down and it also creates space. Space to think, move, breathe. Imagine how it feels to be cooped up in a small office for example with nowhere to physically move and stuff all around you. It’s not a nice image, is it? It doesn’t make us feel good. That’s exactly the same with our bodies. When we are full of baggage and stress, there is literally no space in the body.

When we meditate, we create space and we also reconnect with our inner voice; our inner being. Our inner being only ever wants the best for us and it knows what we need in order to live a happy life, unfortunately we are not always connected to that voice.

When you connect to your inner voice, you raise your frequency. Science and physics dictates that we are energy and just like any other energy molecule, we vibrate at a certain level. When we raise that vibration through meditation, we vibrate at a higher frequency.

If you’re new to meditation, give yourself a chance, but know that the more practiced you become at it, the higher you will feel. When you raise your vibration, you feel energised, super high and you attract wellness into your life.

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