We all know that exercise is good for us but even the most hardcore fitness fanatics lose motivation from time to time and when that happens, it’s always useful to remind ourselves of the reasons why we should do it; and let’s take aesthetics out of it. Yes we all want to look good but that’s really just a by product.


When you exercise for 30 minutes or more, feel good endorphins flood your body and give you a natural high. The best part is that the fitter you get, the more intense the rush. They give you an overall sense of wellbeing and help to bring you clarity. They reduce the perception of pain, acting as natural pain relief. When we are getting our blood pumping and producing these happy hormones, we are less likely to feel depressed or err on the side of negativity.


Exercise helps to clear your mind. Have you ever experienced ‘brain fog’? You have work to get on with or errands to run and you just can’t focus. 30 minutes of exercise a day improves your brain by raising your focus for 2-3 hours after exercise. Which is why early morning and lunchtime classes are perfect for helping you get through your working day with efficiency.


Have you ever experienced insomnia? Trying to get to sleep when you can’t is possibly one of the most frustrating and agitating feelings of all. Regular exercise can improve your quality of sleep, enormously. Because exercise reduces stress, it tires you out and therefor aids many sleep disorders. Sleep is the most important job of the day so this is a great one to focus on.


Have you ever finished a workout and felt anything other than happy and rather proud of yourself? Exercise is a great confidence booster. When you’re feeling low, it’s easy to find alternative ways of comforting yourself, and those methods will usually perpetuate the problem. Turning to exercise during low points will help you to turn things around and help to improve your self esteem. You’ll have a much more positive outlook after exercise.

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