PT/ Pilates One-To-One Training – One Per Week

£160.00 / month

PT Options


Your workout will be bespoke to you. If you are recovering from injury or have imbalances in your body then a traditional Pilates 1:1 session may be more suitable for you. This is something that ideal for anyone sporty, anyone who is recovering from injury or anyone with specific postural goals and aspirations. Pilates focuses on bringing the body back into balance and getting the right muscles firing in the correct order.

With a strong focus on movement, technique and posture, a more traditional PT option is available. Mobility to increase your range of movement in the body along with strength and resistance exercises, combined with my expertise in injury prevention and muscle imbalances will help you to achieve a strong, flexible body. Your workouts will be designed in a safe and effective way that is specific to your body



Join us at our Pilates/ fitness studio in Sittingbourne for personal fitness/Pilates training sessions each week.   Sign up to a monthly package and simply head over to our booking system and select the appointment that suits you.

Pilates PT is an effective, results-driven experience that gets you to your body goals with the emphasis on movement and technique.

As a professionally trained dancer and fully qualified Level 4 Personal trainer, STOTT Pilates teacher and sports massage therapist, my passion is helping people to move better; in a way that not only helps shape and tone the body but improves posture, reduces risk of injury and helps to promote overall health.

After an initial postural analysis, I will tailor your session to your goals, body and ability levels. The great thing is, no matter where your starting point is, things can only improve!




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