Pilates With Rebecca Still

Stott Pilates Certified


Matwork and Equipment classes can facilitate profound changes in the body. Rebecca is a comprehensively trained teacher and is able to modify any exercise for any level or condition. She has trained in depth and continues educating herself. Pilates is a complete body of work and a movement system. Through an initial 1:1 assessment, Rebecca will be able to advise which class would be most suitable.

Rebecca Still Fitness

All of Rebecca’s Pilates classes are based on the basic principles of Pilates. She delivers Pilates Mat Work classes both Classical and Contemporary and they are split into different levels of ability. Other classed Rebecca offers include Barre and classes such as Flex band and Bender Ball where small pieces of equipment are used to target multiple muscle groups at the same time and aim to shape and tone the body.

Rebecca understands that to build a strong body you need to work from the inside out with a huge focus on technique and alignment.

All Rebecca’s classes are low impact but with a definite ‘feel the burn’ factor!’


rebecca Still Pilates Kent

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