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Stott Pilates Certified


Matwork and Equipment classes can facilitate profound changes in the body. Rebecca is a comprehensively trained teacher and is able to modify any exercise for any level or condition. She has trained in depth and continues educating herself. Pilates is a complete body of work and a movement system. Through an initial 1:1 assessment, Rebecca will be able to advise which class would be most suitable.

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Pilates can help improve posture, health and overall fitness. It can rehabilitate after injury, surgery or illness. It can better mobilise your body, expand body awareness and proprioception, lower stress levels and help you to live a happier life. It can also help you to reach specific physical goals and is perfect for anyone with sporting/fitness goals.

Pilates can aid in the rehabilitation of many specialised conditions such as sports injuries, spine conditions and issues, hip and knee replacement, MS and Parkinson's. It can help with chronic conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Matwork classes are performed in small groups on mats and sometimes using small pieces of equipment such as bands and blocks to either assist or challenge the body.

Equipment class are taught in small groups and are particularly helpful with rehabilitation, to help guide the body into deeper stretches and find deeper connections.

Private sessions (not classes), either 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 are available.  All classes and private sessions are bookable online.  Click here.

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