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Pilates For Runners

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Are you a runner?


Would you like to improve your performance?


Did you know that muscles imbalances in the body can lead to injury and poor performance?


Do you feel pain in your hips when running or after a run?


Do your knee’s hurt when running or after a run?


Does your lower back hurt when running or after a run?


Do you feel tension in your shoulders?


These are all signs of compensation from poor posture. A balanced body can make a huge impact on your performance and longevity.


My Pilates for Runners course will teach you how to improve your technique and bring your body back into balance. You will learn how to engage your core properly, improve your posture and strengthen the glutes, hip and knee stabilisers.


The sessions will last 1 hour and you will be given homework each week.


The details of the course are every Sunday at 5pm starting May 16th and for 6 weeks. So 16th May- June 20th. A recording of the session will be sent to you after the event each week.

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