About a year and a half ago I was invited to attend a course which would enable me to become a Control Practitioner. My first thought was ‘What the hell does that mean?!’.

I was then informed that the system had been designed by the marvellous Tim Box who had trained as ahypnotist and over the course of his career he had developed this system which can help people overcome a myriad of problems such as anxiety, fears or just simply help them to change something about themselves that they are unhappy with. At the time I was unable to commit to the course and politely declined. However, over the course of the next year, I had been thinking about this opportunity that had been presented to me; I had been following Tim Box on social media and had become fascinated with his system and was extremely eager to find out more. Two weeks ago, fate intervened as I bumped into Tim at a networking breakfast and found out that he was starting a new course this weekend! It was full but I pretty much begged my way into him squeezing me in and this weekend my journey to becoming a control practitioner began!

All I knew about the system (from sources who had tried and tested the method) was that it was about accessing the subconscious in order to make a change. My concerns were that I wouldn’t be a very good candidate for hypnosis and also that I would perhaps not be able to become the hypnotist. As it turns out, I was wrong on both accounts! The first exercise Tim did with us was brilliant and I’ll never forget the feeling of ‘OMG! My hand is floating up to the ceiling. How the hell is that happening?!’ Of course I was very vocal and excitable about this and, from that moment on, I realised I was, in the words of Tim himself- ‘skilled at accessing my subconscious’, which of course filled me with confidence. But the bigger question was – could I hypnotise someone? It turns out, I could do that too!

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