Kids Pilates With Rebecca Still

Pilates is a beautiful movement system that helps to align the body and restore good posture and function. As we age, we fall into bad postural habits and the practise of Pilates helps to bring the body back into balance. But what if we didn’t fall into those bad habits to begin with? If we were to understand body alignment from a young age when the neurological pathways are so ready to receive and set a pattern of thought for life, therefore minimising pain and complications due to bad postural habits as an adult.

When we have body awareness and connection, we are far more comfortable in our own space. Sitting at a desk with hunched shoulders will only serve to cause pain and ultimately disruption to what the child is focusing on. Pilates teaches control and precision teaches children body awareness, enabling them to move through their day with more comfort and therefore more focus. When it comes to sitting exams, for example, they will be better equipped to be able to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than be distracted by pain in the body due to poor posture. Lack of body awareness leads to lack of concentration. 

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Pilates for kids is FUN! Children are full of creative energy and they require an outlet to move and expand energy. Pilates for kids integrates the principles of Pilates with fun, imaginative games, allowing them to learn through play. The small groups also allow them to develop connections with other likeminded children and this will help them with social situations as they move into their teenage years and adulthood. 

We all require a strong core, not only to enable us to take part on our favourite activities but even things like getting up out of a chair or car. Learning how to engage the core as a child is the best time to do it as it then just becomes second nature. Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the whole body and giving children the physical foundations to be able to move better through their day, will also give them confidence and the mindset to live a healthier lifestyle.

Pilates for kids is more than just learning good posture, however. Through the principles of Pilates, children learn to calm and centre themselves. They are able to shift their mindset to a more positive one and develop the skills to handle themselves in social situations. 

Pilates can be practised at any age and is a method that will help to prevent injury and pain. Starting Pilates at a young age will give children the skills to move through life with a sense of awareness and confidence. It’ll help them to understand the importance of a healthy and mindful life. 

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