Over the past week, I have been able to train clients on a 1:1 basis.

Drawing on my experience of both a personal trainer and also Pilates teacher, my style is strengthening the body and improving one’s fitness using a more holistic approach.

Move closer towards the direction of your goals holistically.

Enabling to help my clients move closer towards the directions of their goals by incorporating the Pilates method into a weight training based workout, for example, means that my clients learn to connect from within and strengthen from the inside out.

Everyone is unique.

Everyone’s goals are diverse and everyone’s bodies are different. Over the years of training clients, I understand that not one size fits all. I listen and also hear what my client is communicating to me. This is vital; I want to hear what your goals are and also your opinions, too.

Mobility is key.

I have learnt the past 5 years, since stepping away from studio instructor to PT and then the last 3 years working in an osteopathy clinic working with a diverse clientele, that educating people on how to connect from within and developing a plan that is tailored to their needs and one that also fits into their lifestyle is paramount. Getting fit does not have to mean spending hours in the gym each week. The prospect of this is what I see holding so many people back from starting a fitness regime. The fittest people I know are the ones who do a little bit of fitness each day and use the method of keeping the body moving. Staying sedentary is detrimental to our health. Doing a little bit of fitness per day while keeping conscious of moving throughout the day will have overall better health benefits than smashing out a 10k at 7am and spending the rest of the day sat in a chair.

Understand how your body works from an anatomical point of view.

I’m passionate about teaching you how your works from an anatomical point of view rather than aesthetic. I start with the very basics as I want people to know how their body works and not just what they look like. I focus on technique, breath and which muscles are being used.

Connect from within.

Learning how to connect from within translates across all of our training, whether that be running, HIIT, CrossFit, cycling. Gaining a deeper understanding of how to connect means we are less prone to injury and our workouts become so much more rewarding. It’s almost like someone opens a door to a whole new dimension.

Bridge the gap between the mind and body.

Learning how to connect from within will bridge the gap between the mind and body and when everything is working harmoniously, we are able to find greater joy in life and we find that everything in our life upgrades.

What inspires you?

These recent months have given me the chance to develop my personal training style and I’m interested in YOU. I want to know your goals, ambitions and what it is that drives and inspires you. I want to help you gain an understanding of how your body works and help you find the feeling of connecting from within. Feeling your bicep or glutes engage is easy. I want to help you connect with your deeper, important muscles; the one’s that hold us up.

My Passion.

My passions are Pilates, weight training, cardio and helping people to live in the present. Reducing stress and anxiety and being at one with your body is fundamental to our overall health and well being.

If you are suffering from low self esteem, stress, body dysmorphia or sleep badly, I want to help.

Fitness goes beyond a 20 min HIIT session or throwing some weights around.

I have learnt, during lockdown, the importance of connection; and that translates across the board with our relationships with others and more importantly with ourselves.

Get in tune.

Get in tune with your inner being, find your centre, gain an understanding of how your body works. Shift your mindset to one that wants to nourish instead of punish. This will change the relationship with your body for the better. Your psyche will thank you for it and there will be a rippling effect throughout every area of your life. Be empowered.

I want YOU to feel empowered.

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