Over the past week, I have been able to train clients on a 1:1 basis.

Drawing on my experience of both a personal trainer and also Pilates teacher, my style is strengthening the body and improving one’s fitness using a more holistic approach.

Move closer towards the direction of your goals holistically.

Enabling to help my clients move closer towards the directions of their goals by incorporating the Pilates method into a weight training based workout, for example, means that my clients learn to connect from within and strengthen from the inside out.

Everyone is unique.

Everyone’s goals are diverse and everyone’s bodies are different. Over the years of training clients, I understand that not one size fits all. I listen and also hear what my client is communicating to me. This is vital; I want to hear what your goals are and also your opinions, too.

Mobility is key.

I have learnt the past 5 years, since stepping away from studio instructor to PT and then the last 3 years working in an osteopathy clinic working with a diverse clientele, that educating people on how to connect from within and developing a plan that is tailored to their needs and one that also fits into their lifestyle is paramount. Getting fit does not have to mean spending hours in the gym each week. The prospect of this is what I see holding so many people back from starting a fitness regime. The fittest people I know are the ones who do a little bit of fitness each day and use the method of keeping the body moving. Staying sedentary is detrimental to our health. Doing a little bit of fitness per day while keeping conscious of moving throughout the day will have overall better health benefits than smashing out a 10k at 7am and spending the rest of the day sat in a chair.

Understand how your body works from an anatomical point of view.

I’m passionate about teaching you how your works from an anatomical point of view rather than aesthetic. I start with the very basics as I want people to know how their body works and not just what they look like. I focus on technique, breath and which muscles are being used.

Connect from within.

Learning how to connect from within translates across all of our training, whether that be running, HIIT, CrossFit, cycling. Gaining a deeper understanding of how to connect means we are less prone to injury and our workouts become so much more rewarding. It’s almost like someone opens a door to a whole new dimension.

Bridge the gap between the mind and body.

Learning how to connect from within will bridge the gap between the mind and body and when everything is working harmoniously, we are able to find greater joy in life and we find that everything in our life upgrades.

What inspires you?

These recent months have given me the chance to develop my personal training style and I’m interested in YOU. I want to know your goals, ambitions and what it is that drives and inspires you. I want to help you gain an understanding of how your body works and help you find the feeling of connecting from within. Feeling your bicep or glutes engage is easy. I want to help you connect with your deeper, important muscles; the one’s that hold us up.

My Passion.

My passions are Pilates, weight training, cardio and helping people to live in the present. Reducing stress and anxiety and being at one with your body is fundamental to our overall health and well being.

If you are suffering from low self esteem, stress, body dysmorphia or sleep badly, I want to help.

Fitness goes beyond a 20 min HIIT session or throwing some weights around.

I have learnt, during lockdown, the importance of connection; and that translates across the board with our relationships with others and more importantly with ourselves.

Get in tune.

Get in tune with your inner being, find your centre, gain an understanding of how your body works. Shift your mindset to one that wants to nourish instead of punish. This will change the relationship with your body for the better. Your psyche will thank you for it and there will be a rippling effect throughout every area of your life. Be empowered.

I want YOU to feel empowered.

Meditation is so much more than quietening your mind. Through meditation we can energise and raise our vibration!

Modern day life is full of stresses and everything is pretty fast paced. To avoid getting caught up in the mental rat race of life, meditation is so important. It calms our mind and slows everything down and it also creates space. Space to think, move, breathe. Imagine how it feels to be cooped up in a small office for example with nowhere to physically move and stuff all around you. It’s not a nice image, is it? It doesn’t make us feel good. That’s exactly the same with our bodies. When we are full of baggage and stress, there is literally no space in the body.

When we meditate, we create space and we also reconnect with our inner voice; our inner being. Our inner being only ever wants the best for us and it knows what we need in order to live a happy life, unfortunately we are not always connected to that voice.

When you connect to your inner voice, you raise your frequency. Science and physics dictates that we are energy and just like any other energy molecule, we vibrate at a certain level. When we raise that vibration through meditation, we vibrate at a higher frequency.

If you’re new to meditation, give yourself a chance, but know that the more practiced you become at it, the higher you will feel. When you raise your vibration, you feel energised, super high and you attract wellness into your life.

Rebecca Still Pilates

It was a dark December morning and I was running through a ploughed field, desperately trying to not face plant when my ankle started to hurt. Instead of allowing recovery time, I did that thing that runners do and went into complete denial, bandaged it up with KT tape and insisted on running… EVERY DAY! Someone working in the health and fitness industry should know better but I guess we are all guilty of ignoring our own advice. The upshot now is that I wont be able to run for at least a month. Am I upset- NO! Why?- Because that’s far too cliché. I can still cycle and seeing as I am on the spin bike almost every day of the week and have been for the last 15 years, all is not lost. I also intend to get back on my road bike again once the weather picks up. I can lift weights and practise Pilates.

I had an idea in my head that I wanted to run every day over the Christmas period and despite suffering from achillies tendinitis, pushed on through with that idea and as a result, that misplaced bloody determination has prolonged my recovery. I’m not at all worried about the injury, it’s one of those things that can happen, it’ll heal and I will run again! But had I adapted to the change right away instead of resisting it, I’d probably be running now. 

So my point to this blog is not directed at my injury, it’s to do with the ability to adapt to the situation you find yourself in. Change can happen fast and most of the big changes I’ve experienced  in my life have shot out of nowhere with no warning and dramatically changed everything. I’ve also had other changes such as my current injury that havent had such a huge impact on my life but they have certainly thrown a spanner in the works, and what I’ve learnt is that the best thing one can do is to adapt as quickly as possible. I read a Buddha quote once that read “You can only lose what you cling to”. My intent to cling onto the idea that I must run over the Christmas period as planned was in the end to my detriment. Sometimes we have an idea in our head of what life is supposed to be like and when that changes, we can make things rather difficult by clinging onto what is no more. 

The amazing thing about life is that we are free to choose and we are able to adapt very quickly if we want to. Change is happening all the time, nothing is permanant and everything  around us is constantly changing. Some things happen very fast and have a huge impact on us and other things happen much slower but everything is ALWAYS changing. The best thing we can do is change with them and find the best strategy for happiness instead of clinging onto something that no longer exists. 

I’m lucky that my injury is only minor and I am still able to cycle, weight train and practise pilates, but the situation got me thinking about what I’d do if I was unable to exercise at all. Would I let it get me down?- I don’t think so. I’d just do something else. Maybe I’d become an artist; read more books; write books; learn languages; make jewelery; learn to play an instrument; act; bake; learn coding- the list of things that interest me are endless! Sometimes when shit hits the fan, we think it’s all over and we’ll never be happy again because we can’t do the thing we love. But why limit yourself? Life is there to live, to explore, to create, to enjoy. The key to happiness is to find joy in your present situation and focus on the positives. So until I’m back up and running, I’ll be doing lots of spin, lifting some heavy weights, practising pilates every day, reading books, and generally living my best life! 

I’ve always embraced change and enjoy big changes whatever they may be; I find it keeps life interesting. I’ve never been one for routine and I like that life can be so unpredictable. I do have my moments of doubt but I snap myself out of them quickly and remember that we are here for such a short amount of time and there is so much to do! Maybe that’s why I’m happy. 

Change is very exciting. It means something new is about to start. A new beginning. A rebirth. A chance to evolve and reinvent. An opportunity to upgrade and level up. It can force you into doing something you may never have thought to explore and above all, it keeps life interesting!

Resisting change is futile. It’s the quickest and surest way to misery. Accept what’s happened, adapt and move on quickly. 

Kids Pilates With Rebecca Still

Pilates is a beautiful movement system that helps to align the body and restore good posture and function. As we age, we fall into bad postural habits and the practise of Pilates helps to bring the body back into balance. But what if we didn’t fall into those bad habits to begin with? If we were to understand body alignment from a young age when the neurological pathways are so ready to receive and set a pattern of thought for life, therefore minimising pain and complications due to bad postural habits as an adult.

When we have body awareness and connection, we are far more comfortable in our own space. Sitting at a desk with hunched shoulders will only serve to cause pain and ultimately disruption to what the child is focusing on. Pilates teaches control and precision teaches children body awareness, enabling them to move through their day with more comfort and therefore more focus. When it comes to sitting exams, for example, they will be better equipped to be able to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than be distracted by pain in the body due to poor posture. Lack of body awareness leads to lack of concentration. 

kids pilates Sittingbourne

Pilates for kids is FUN! Children are full of creative energy and they require an outlet to move and expand energy. Pilates for kids integrates the principles of Pilates with fun, imaginative games, allowing them to learn through play. The small groups also allow them to develop connections with other likeminded children and this will help them with social situations as they move into their teenage years and adulthood. 

We all require a strong core, not only to enable us to take part on our favourite activities but even things like getting up out of a chair or car. Learning how to engage the core as a child is the best time to do it as it then just becomes second nature. Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the whole body and giving children the physical foundations to be able to move better through their day, will also give them confidence and the mindset to live a healthier lifestyle.

Pilates for kids is more than just learning good posture, however. Through the principles of Pilates, children learn to calm and centre themselves. They are able to shift their mindset to a more positive one and develop the skills to handle themselves in social situations. 

Pilates can be practised at any age and is a method that will help to prevent injury and pain. Starting Pilates at a young age will give children the skills to move through life with a sense of awareness and confidence. It’ll help them to understand the importance of a healthy and mindful life.