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Choose from 8 or 15 classes each week on our home workout packages, you have got plenty to choose from.  If you can't make the live class, all classes are made available for members to complete in their own time.   Membership to our community is also included.

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Do you need an extra push? I can help you achieve your fitness goals online. From helping with rehabilitating from an injury, improving general fitness or wanting to achieve something more specific. You bring the goal and I’ll provide the motivation and plan!

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Still Fitness has something to offer everyone. Whether you prefer to keep your workouts 100% online or you enjoy attending a group session, we cover it all. There is also the option to enjoy both online and face to face.


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Rebecca Still Pilates

You Can Be Anyone You Want To Be. Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself.

Are you feeling like you need more energy?

Are you looking for a positive change?

The world we live in today is extremely fast paced and it’s so easy to get caught up in that lane. While it’s great that we can get from A to B very quickly and accomplish so much, it also means that we don’t take time to enjoy the journey.

Life is so wonderful and it’s possible to feel incredible. We know that the mind and body are not two separate entities.  When we find that connection, we are able to excel in life; and who doesn’t want to feel incredible?!

Life is full of all kinds of experiences and challenges and it’s important that we are in the best shape possible when it comes to our mind and body to be able to deal with whatever life throws at us.

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What Our Online Members Say

I am very active as an Amateur Boxer and coach and I have always wanted to get Pilates into my schedule but fitting it in has been difficult. Now being forced to stay in I had no excuse and came across Rebecca's class. After trying it I signed up for the package and Pilates is now part of my daily routine. 

I am seeing a huge difference to my legs, glutes and overall strength from the Barre and Intense workouts, and I have learnt that as someone with a lot of muscle I have been letting the wrong ones switch on. Also, I suffer from tight hips and lower back pain, I know how the tools to switch the deep muscles thanks to the workshops and explanations Rebecca offers and the difference to all of my workouts is unreal. 

I am so grateful to Rebecca for putting this package together as it also helps me to keep in touch with other people in a time where I am isolated from everyone. 

Whilst I live in Manchester I truly hope I can continue to train with Rebecca beyond lockdown, as she is making a huge difference in how I feel mentally and physically. Without a doubt, I will recommend training with her to everyone. 

Also, the sessions are fun, yes they hurt but as the saying goes "no pain no gain" and when you start seeing the difference you welcome the pain!


I have had the pleasure of being taught by Rebecca for many years and always enjoyed her classes at the gym.

Rebecca is always so motivating and encouraging, she just wants you to get the most out of your workout. Her energy and positivity is infectious!

So to be able to reconnect with Rebecca during this strange time we all find ourselves in is just great.

Her Lockdown package of Power Pilates and Matwork is fantastic with Barre, Cardio Hit such a good variety, hard and challenging.
Loving the classes with excellent instruction and technique given by Rebecca. As Rebecca says you have to regress to progress with Pilates and I am certainly understanding and learning more and enjoying the workshops too.

Just love, love the classes and such a positive start to the day and much needed at the moment during Lockdown.



I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher. Having spent 20 years teaching fitness classes and coaching clients on a 1:1 basis, I am extremely experienced in the field of fitness and I have a huge passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

I trained as a dancer and have spent my entire life studying anatomy and biomechanics. I also understand that the mind and body are not two separate entities. The human body is the greatest machine on earth but we only get out of that machine what our minds allow us.

I believe that life is to be enjoyed and our greatest health is wealth. When you feel good in your body, every aspect of your life improves. We all have the ability to feel good and I enjoy co-creating and producing pure positive energy.

Another full on day of refurbishments at the Still Fitness Studio!

It's looking amazing

🖌The majority of the painting and DIY is done. Tomorrow is ceiling drapes and curtains, new steps and hopefully the sign is going up.

❤I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have SO many friends who have supported me on this journey. I feel incredibly blessed and this project has absolutely filled my heart with joy. Daunting at first but every day that goes by, I feel such an immense sense of satisfaction.

💻My website is in the process of being updated and the booking system will be up and running by next week!

💖Such exciting times ahead! I cant wait for you to see the end result and come join me for some delicious Pilates in this beautiful holistic space

7 days of manual labour got me like 😛😝😬

#hardwork #graft #diy #girlpower #renovationproject #renovation #holisticstudio #project #newspace #positiveenergy #holistichealing #dayonthetools #decorating #diyproject #newstart #blessed

What drives you?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

When you find that passion, that thing that motivates and drives you, life becomes a magnificent experience!

It takes the same amount of energy to fear as it does to love.

Whatever your situation may be right now, shift your mindset to a more positive one.

Worry is a waste of energy and never achieves anything but misery

Put yourself in a place of happiness, hope and fulfillment. Sometimes when the chips are down, life forces you to upgrade. It can often be disguised as hopelessness, but if you flick the switch and change your thought pattern, things start to turn around real fast.

Life can be brilliant, exciting and full of adventure if you let it.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what makes you happy.

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Still Fitness has a new home!

It's still very much a work in progress but the last few days have been incredible!

So many amazing friends have helped me to bring the studio to where it is now and by August 18th I will be ready to open the doors!

The booking system is currently being designed and I will be holding classes here plus, massage and PT

The great news is the online platform remains and I will be live streaming from this new venue.

I'm so excited for this amazing opportunity! I cannot wait to share it all with you

#covidcomeback #pilates #holisticstudio #massage #yoga #mindfulness #mindfulliving #space #energy #newbeginnings #positivity #mindfullness #yogapractice #pilatesstudio #meditation

I have ran over 40 miles this week and I feel incredible!

Running is my therapy and keeping fit and healthy is what my inner being craves.

There are so many exciting opportunities coming at me from every direction and I'm humbled with how blessed I truly am.

I'm all about looking forwards and creating wellness and abundance.

Life isn't always a bed of roses but I'm a big believer in that whatever circumstance you find yourself in that what ever life is giving you, you have created it yourself. Once you begin to own that, you set yourself free.

Sometimes shit happens and you have to let it go, move on and upgrade.

Here is a photo of me running towards my new goals with fierce determination and a heart full of love

#running #newbeginning #future
#forwardmovement #abundance #entrepreneurlife #businessowner #lifehappens #blessed #nature #positivevibesonly✨ #energyclearing #health #healing #spiritualjourney #naturalremedy #runningtherapy #fitnessaddict #instagood

Be your true self!

What drives YOU?

What makes YOU happy?

Others may never understand you as we all find our kicks in our own way

Never feel guilty about following your path. Never worry about what others may think of you.

Tune your senses inwards and listen to what your inner being is asking for.

Find YOUR happy

#happy #lawofattraction #growthmindset #enjoyinglife #changes #nevergiveup #beyourself #innerbeing #innerstrength #innervoice #vision #connection #strength #beunique #doityourway #lifeisgood

I just had an amazing reading with @ashbornwitch

She sends you your reading via a link so you can watch it over. Her energy is on point and I would highly recommend her. She only charges £20 and her readings include tarot and stones.

I was super happy with my reading ✌😁

#tarot #deathcard #positivity #newbeginning #opportunity
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StillFitness has a new home!

I have found a unit in Sittingbourne where I will be providing Pilates and other Pilates based classes, Pilates 1:1's and PT. I will also be offering sports massage.

I am in the process of redesigning the space and am looking to be up and running by August 18th.

My vision is a beautiful holistic studio.

Here are some photos of what I'm looking to create.

I'm so thrilled to have had so much support during these very strange times and being able to provide daily Pilates classes has filled me with so much joy.

The online platform will continue and I will be filming from the new space.

More details to follow!

Rebecca x

Covid Comeback!

This past week I've been exercising, eating extremely well and feeling the incredible benefits of fuelling myself the right way.

Food is to be enjoyed and nourishing your body with goodness not only helps you to feel amazing in your body but it also helps to stimulate a more positive mindset.

When you workout your body depletes natural glycogen stores within the body and a small amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein after a workout can have a massive effect on your post workout physical gains.

Exercise and eating well is the key to a healthy, happy life!

How is everyone doing? I've had such a lovely time over the last week, getting back to a certain sense of normality. It's wonderful people living their lives and getting out in nature.

Lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity to start a new business and it has just gone from strength to strength. I have also had time to learn new skills and upgrade my level of education. As you know, I am a sucker for understanding not only bio mechanics but the mind and body connection.

While my online packages are still very much thriving, I have come to realise there is a definite market for online workouts. I am constantly looking to improve my platform and am in the process of developing nutritional plans to accompany the packages.

As well as this, I have developed at Pilates PT model that incorporates Pilates, strength training, cardio and includes meal plans to enhance the well being experience. I am interested in looking at things from a holistic perspective.

I am also looking forward to teaching a few community classes and starting my wellness retreats back up.
I have a few venue's lined up for when we get the go ahead. These are based in and around Sittingbourne. Watch this space for more info on weekly classes and weekend retreats.

I am all about getting back to super health and creating a world where we are kind to ourselves and understand the importance of keeping ourselves fit through how we move our bodies, what we think about and how we nourish our body with good food.

Here is my latest blogì

⬆️link in bio⬆️

Today was all about self care.

I took a little trip to Whitstable and enjoyed fresh oysters and sea air!

Even just a few hours away from your normal routine to just completely disconnect, will leave you feeling re-energised and ready to take on whatever life throws at you next!

The sun may not have had its hat on today but the time out completely recharged me and I was super excited to deliver the Flex Band workout on my home workout package when I got back this evening!

This week I've been eating really well. Lots of fresh whole foods and colourful dishes packed with flavour. Good nutrition really does make such a huge difference to energy levels and mindset.

I hope you are having an amazing week.

How do you recharge?

My mission as a Personal Trainer is to help you understand HOW to move your body correctly

So many people are stuck in dysfunctional movement patterns and these need to be addressed in order to progress

My mantra is regress to progress. If you are working your butt off but not seeing the results you want or maybe you have plateaued and feel as though you cannot progress with your current training plan, you are more than likely stuck in a dysfunctional movement pattern.

Taking a step back and thinking about movement patterns is key to progression.

Regressing a bit in your training plan will help you to refine movement patterns so you can move more efficiently and will lead to improvements in all areas of your training.

Just because we can squat, doesn't mean we are doing it correctly.

My passion is Pilates, Weight Training, Cardio and building a strong healthy body.

My style is incorporating the Pilates method into all areas of fitness.

I am interested in educating you how to get fit and strong, working from the inside out.

You will shape and tone your entire body while focusing on the anatomical point of view. Aesthetics are a byproduct of moving well.

Everyone has a different body along with goals and opinions.

I am interested in finding out what your goals are, what drives YOU and educating you on HOW to move your body.

I have combined my experience as a Pilates teacher and PT. I have developed a method that increases your fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility and will boost your confidence; shifting you into a more positive mindset.

If you are interested in learning how to move your body correctly, strengthening from the inside out and focusing on training from an anatomical point of view, then this approach is for you.

My program's are bespoke to the individual, taking into account your goals and opinions. I am interested in providing you with the tools you need to make life changes that stick.

If you would like a consultation, drop me a DM

All I ever wanted to do was dance and move

I attended my first dance class aged 2 and I haven't stopped moving since

Movement is the best medicine and the greatest form of therapy

Movement can bring you back to life

Movement heals a broken body

Movement improves your mood and helps to bring you to a more positive mindset

Movement releases inhibition

Movement keeps you feeling young

Movement is something we should never take for granted as an able bodied person

Movement will set your soul alight and ignite your passion for life

If you don't believe me, come join me and see how fast things turn around for you ✌

☀️Happy July 1st! Keep moving, dance like nobody is watching and keep your flame and passion of life alight!

#july #summer #fitness #movement #movementismedicine #summergoals #dance #pilates #goodvibes #positivemind #highervibration #pilatesstrong #moveforward #woodland #energymedicine

As human's we are so capable of doing anything we put our minds to! Especially in this day and age with the internet, information is so accessible and there is a wealth of education that we can tap into at any time. All resources are so readily available.

During lockdown, many of us have been super productive in either pivoting our business, learning a new skill and much more but sometimes we can feel as though we need to be doing it all and that's when we find ourselves in trouble.

When our computers are overloaded with 100 tabs open, processing a ton of stuff and not having chance to restart, they tend to crash. That's the same with us. We can do anything but not everything.

Decide what is necessary, what brings value to your life and focus on those things. When you have a bunch of tasks to get done, focus on them one at a time. I've found that everything always gets done and the less I overload myself the better and more efficiently they are completed.

Life has enough stresses without us putting more pressure on ourselves.

So lets enjoy the moment and take it one step at a time

#life #living #positivity #vibes #highenergy #highvibration #pilates #fitness #energy #everything_imaginable_ #youcandoit #everyday #tuesday #week #instaphoto

I am so excited that retreats are back on the horizon!

@lizweeksruncoaching and I run @activehealthretreats and due to the dreaded C word, we had to cancel our May trip to El Chorro in May, however it's BACK ON!

We are going out in August for a recce and our trip is planned for October. Head to our page for more details.

We are also in talks with other trail running companies and looking to expand our business

We are so grateful for these amazing opportunities and I'm SUPER excited for a week in an unspoilt part of Spain with breathtaking trails and enjoying running, Pilates, yoga, rock climbing and horse riding

I'm also super excited about my trip to Zambia in September. We never know what's around the corner but lockdown has got me itching to get exploring!

What are your travel plans? Where is your dream destination
#travel #wanderlust #retreat #retreatyourself #wellness #travelgram #holiday #worldtraveler #pilates #yogaretreat #yoga #happytraveller #explore #worldtrip

It was so lovely to take my personal training services outside this morning! My client met me in her garden and it was a wonderful way to start the day!
#personaltrainer #weighttraining #pilates #PT #personaltraining #fitness #bodygoals #gains #leanmuscle #bodyandmind #fitnesslove #fitterplanet #healthandwellness

I bounced out of bed this morning!

Why? Because I knew it was the day I would start over!

Every single moment of our lives are a chance to start over. No matter what has gone before or how many times you've reset, you can always do it again and again. And lets face it, what is life without contrast?! I have so much in my life to get excited about and I've made the choice today to only focus on the positives and let go of what I can't change.

Even in these crazy times, life can be fantastic!

#livelifehappy #positivevibes #pilates #morning #morningmotivation #enjoylife #gratitude #goodvibes #inhaleexhale #breathe #bedroom #energy #joy #happinessisaninsidejob #freeyourmind #happythoughts

This evening I visited the beautiful Tonge Mill where the very talented @elvisandkresse live and run their workshop from.

The Mill itself is magnificent and surrounded by natural beauty. I filmed my Tuesday night Intermediate class their and it was just so delightful to be exercising outdoors and with some great friends.

The gyms are still not open and aside from finding it rather odd that pubs are a priority over fitness centres, personally I'm loving this new way of doing things and working out from home suits me just fine!
I no longer have to sit in traffic for hours on end to get there, struggle to park and then wait for certain equipment to become available, I just roll out of bed and do it! I know for sure in the winter months, working out from home will have so many more benefits too!

I am very much looking forward to starting up retreats again though. @lizweeksruncoaching and I run @activehealthretreats and we have a retreat planned for October this year. If you would like more info, head over to our page.
I am looking at some beautiful venue's to run 1 day wellness retreats too, so watch this space!

#retreat #wellness #tongemill #pilates #wellnessretreat #location #positiveenergy #healing #lifestyle #motivation #sustainableliving #pilatesforall #livebetter #lifechoices #health #healthyliving

I'm just loving being outside at the moment!

Freedom is so precious right now and the best things in life are free!

Freedom for me means being able to choose to live my life the way I desire.
Freedom means being able to move freely and feel healthy and fit. Without our health we are not free.

With so much of our freedom in question at the moment, the one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies and mind. What we consume through food, media, thoughts, other people's opinions makes such an impact on our overall wellbeing. The great thing is, we can choose how we deal with all of those things.
Yesterday afternoon was all about dancing around on the beach and immersing myself in the power of the sea air.

What does freedom mean to you?

#freedom #freeyourmind #liberate #vibes #higherfrequency #summer #beach #pilates #yoga #mindfulness #meditation #sea #seaside #sunnyday #liberateyourself #befree #livestrong #thinkpositive

Trying something new can be scary! We often place limits on ourselves and tell ourselves we're not good enough or that we shouldn't start something because we will never succeed, but how will we know if we never try?!
When a baby first learns to walk, they fall down many times but they never give up. They want it so badly and through sheer determination and a belief that they will get there eventually, they succeed!
Somewhere between being a baby and an adult, we lose that. We doubt ourselves and decide that we cant do something because we think we will fail. The truth is, everything you start is going to be ropey to begin with.
A professional ballerina didn't wake up one day able to pirouette effortlessly and perform such technical choreography, they had to learn and allow themselves time to perfect their art.
💫You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. It may not be easy to start with and you may suck at it, but eventually it will improve and you'll be left with a sense of total satisfaction and knowledge that you are this wonderful, unique human being who is capable of so much

#bebrave #fearless #newbeginnings
#freshstart #pilates #fitness #challenge #fitnessmotivation #motivationmonday #livelifehappy #followyourdreams #vision #livinglife #goals #vibes #dreams #visionboard #challengeyourself #beinspired #beyourself