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All our plans come with a seven-day free trial.  Get in shape, get fit, get toned all from the comfort of your own home.  Our mixed pilates, barre, power pilates, HIIT classes are all taught by Rebecca Still, qualified PT and Pilates instructor.

Group Classes Online

Choose from 8 or 15 classes each week on our home workout packages, you have got plenty to choose from.  If you can't make the live class, all classes are made available for members to complete in their own time.   Membership to our community is also included.

One To One Classes Online

Do you need an extra push? I can help you achieve your fitness goals online. From helping with rehabilitating from an injury, improving general fitness or wanting to achieve something more specific. You bring the goal and I’ll provide the motivation and plan!

Struggling To Find Time To Workout?

Find It Difficult To Commit To Fitness Class At A Fixed Time?

Many people struggle to meet their fitness goals because they can't find the time to attend workout classes in person.  It is frustrating not to be able to find a fitness class with a community feel that fits in with your busy life.

You need to be able to have access to your instructor to give you the motivation you need to reach your goals and a schedule where you can attend live classes as well as catch up classes when you need them.   At Rebecca Still Fitness we have a flexible and varied schedule, supportive community and classes available when and where you want them.

Live streaming of 8+ classes a week plus a bonus specialised workshop at the weekend

Links to recordings of the live class to help personalise your fitness routine

A friendly community sharing goals &  providing extra workout content and tutorials

7 day free trial to kickstart your new fitness plan

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Rebecca Still Pilates

You Can Be Anyone You Want To Be. Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself.

Are you feeling like you need more energy?

Are you looking for a positive change?

The world we live in today is extremely fast paced and it’s so easy to get caught up in that lane. While it’s great that we can get from A to B very quickly and accomplish so much, it also means that we don’t take time to enjoy the journey.

Life is so wonderful and it’s possible to feel incredible. We know that the mind and body are not two separate entities.  When we find that connection, we are able to excel in life; and who doesn’t want to feel incredible?!

Life is full of all kinds of experiences and challenges and it’s important that we are in the best shape possible when it comes to our mind and body to be able to deal with whatever life throws at us.

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What Our Online Members Say

I am very active as an Amateur Boxer and coach and I have always wanted to get Pilates into my schedule but fitting it in has been difficult. Now being forced to stay in I had no excuse and came across Rebecca's class. After trying it I signed up for the package and Pilates is now part of my daily routine. 

I am seeing a huge difference to my legs, glutes and overall strength from the Barre and Intense workouts, and I have learnt that as someone with a lot of muscle I have been letting the wrong ones switch on. Also, I suffer from tight hips and lower back pain, I know how the tools to switch the deep muscles thanks to the workshops and explanations Rebecca offers and the difference to all of my workouts is unreal. 

I am so grateful to Rebecca for putting this package together as it also helps me to keep in touch with other people in a time where I am isolated from everyone. 

Whilst I live in Manchester I truly hope I can continue to train with Rebecca beyond lockdown, as she is making a huge difference in how I feel mentally and physically. Without a doubt, I will recommend training with her to everyone. 

Also, the sessions are fun, yes they hurt but as the saying goes "no pain no gain" and when you start seeing the difference you welcome the pain!


I have had the pleasure of being taught by Rebecca for many years and always enjoyed her classes at the gym.

Rebecca is always so motivating and encouraging, she just wants you to get the most out of your workout. Her energy and positivity is infectious!

So to be able to reconnect with Rebecca during this strange time we all find ourselves in is just great.

Her Lockdown package of Power Pilates and Matwork is fantastic with Barre, Cardio Hit such a good variety, hard and challenging.
Loving the classes with excellent instruction and technique given by Rebecca. As Rebecca says you have to regress to progress with Pilates and I am certainly understanding and learning more and enjoying the workshops too.

Just love, love the classes and such a positive start to the day and much needed at the moment during Lockdown.



I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher. Having spent 20 years teaching fitness classes and coaching clients on a 1:1 basis, I am extremely experienced in the field of fitness and I have a huge passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

I trained as a dancer and have spent my entire life studying anatomy and biomechanics. I also understand that the mind and body are not two separate entities. The human body is the greatest machine on earth but we only get out of that machine what our minds allow us.

I believe that life is to be enjoyed and our greatest health is wealth. When you feel good in your body, every aspect of your life improves. We all have the ability to feel good and I enjoy co-creating and producing pure positive energy.

☀️June has landed! 🌅None of us could ever have predicted we'd be here in June. 2020 certainly has been full of surprises. 💫In an unpredictable world with many twists and turns, we can still hold ourselves accountable and that gives us our power. 🌅If you have a goal in mind or even just an idea of where you want to be or how you want to feel - start now. 🌅It's June 1st and a Monday - A great day to start! 💫Remember- You are worthy of everything you want. Even the things that feel out of reach
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🏃‍♀️Pilates for Runners! 🏃‍♀️Running is my a huge passion of mine and Pilates is my life! So I designed a 6 week PILATES FOR RUNNERS course 💻It's a live streamed class every Sunday at 5pm. A recording of the class plus homework is sent out after the session ✍I knew I would enjoy writing and delivering it but what I didnt bank on was the huge response I would get! I'm receiving emails and messages daily from participants telling me they are already noticing a difference. And we're only 2 weeks in. ❤Making a difference to people's lives absolutely fills my heart with joy. ☀️I'm off out this morning for a run!

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🏋️‍♀️Lockdown reconnected me with my love of weight training
#weighttraining #bodygoals #gains #bodybuilding #lockdowntransformation #lockdowndiet #nutrition #cleanliving #homeworkout #onlinefitnesscoaching #onlinetrainer

🌳If you go down in the woods today.... ☀️How to make a really good day even better-
Go to the woods and get feral
Here's to nature reclaiming.
Here's to hope on the horizon.
Here's to embracing our inner being. Here's to scaling back and allowing ourselves to be truly happy with the simplicity of life ✌Peace

#nature #feral #wild #free #freedom #inspire #earth #mothernature
#earthdayeveryday #healtheworld🌎 #love #nourishyourbody #mindfulness #meditate

🌟PILATES IN THE PARK! It's on the HORIZON! ☀️This time last year I thought it would be a great idea to offer FREE Pilates in the Park. It was a huge success and they continued to run through the summer 🔐The lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting and we can look forward to a time where we can come together once again and move our bodies in the beautiful outdoors! 🧘‍♀️The time is getting closer to when we can move in harmony together again ✌Peace ...

📸I captured this photo from a live recording I did yesterday. It absolutely encapsulated how I'm feeling right now. 💻I'M LOVING being able to deliver online classes and the enjoyment I'm getting from moving my body so much, connecting with others and finding new and creative ways to produce and deliver content is keeping my world so full of excitement. ❤The StillFitness community is THRIVING! Everybody on the package is so full of joy and enthusiasm and I feel a real sense of camaraderie. Even though we are all in our individual homes, there is an enormous sense of connection.
Everyone is on their own journey and everyone is working on what their body and soul needs. I feel that vibe and it feeds into me. 🌌Blessings to all and thankyou to the universe for providing me with abundance
#onlinefitnesscoaching #online #homeworkouts #abundance #giftoflife #connection #fitness #pilates #pilatesmat #barre #toneitup #shapeyourbody #bodypositive #hometraining #homefitnessmotivation

🌟Why I have been thriving during lockdown 🔴My vision has been clear. I've set myself goals and been focused. I've had a purpose. 🔴I have chosen to focus on the positives and not the negatives 🔴My exercise and nutrition have been on point. There have been occasions where I have indulged but I've had a strategy in place to get me back on track and back to the true me. 🔴I've adapted to changes 🔴I've exercised and kept my body in shape. There have been days where I haven't wanted to workout and I've made myself. Not once have I regretted that decision 🔴I've meditated 🔴We can all thrive during these times if we choose to. Thriving doesn't mean you will feel stupendously happy every day but with a clear vision and focus, you will feel in control and successful. 🌟We cannot choose what goes on around us but we CAN choose how we react 💫I would love to hear how you are thriving

#lockdown #thrivingnotsurviving #thriving #businessowner #meditation #exercise #healthylifestyle #cleanliving #positivity #gratitude #focus #focusonthepositive #clearyourmind

💫Connected to everything but attached to nothing. Attachment is rooted in fear. You lose your fear of loss when you realise you are already whole. 💫I've spent the past few days reconnecting with nature and tuning into my higher frequency. Life can be so wonderful when you bring it back to basics. 💫I stand by the philosophy that clean living will guarantee you the most magnificent buzz you will ever feel. I feel incredibly lucky to have my health and since Ievelling up over the past week, I feel high as a kite! 💫Life can be so wonderful once we uncomplicate it and unclutter our minds and when we are at peace with ourselves. Life is so magnificent when we let go of our fear. 💫Fear is a prison and I'm grateful I don't succumb to that. I simply refuse to be fearful. When you think about it, there really isn't any point and it will never make you feel good. So why would you bother? 💫Mediate and tune into your higher frequency. Life is short. Even in these turbulent times, we can still choose to live our lives how we want because we are in control of our own thoughts. 💫We can choose and decide each day how we want our day to go. Nobody can stop us from deciding how we deal with situations. How we react to what is going on around us is entirely up to us. 💫YOU have the power to choose. YOU are the creator of your own reality

#nature #naturespirituality #meditation #vibratehigher #trailrunning #positivity #cleanliving

🌟Feeling ALL the good vibes this evening and so lucky to be living a life I LOVE! ❤Last weekend I was experiencing some overwhelm from all the massive changes in my life and I wasn't expecting my online home workout package to take off as it did! ❤Overwhelm isn't pleasant but its our subconscious giving us a signal that something needs to change. I guess I'm one of those people who puts a lot of pressure on myself. But everything can always be sorted and every feeling is temporary. This week I've been resetting my mindset and I'm back to me! My inner being is full of joy. I've done a lot of exercise! I've ran, I've stretched, I've eaten well and my psyche is restored! ❤Never make a permanent decision on temporary feelings.

#positivity #lifestyle #health #pilates #running #eathealthy #joyofliving #love #emotion #content #joyinthejourney


Everyone likes to dance around their living room and have FUN right?! I've been putting together some funky moves for my featured weekend workshop. 🎶The Playlist is off the scale and it's going to be SO MUCH FUN!

10am Saturday
If you would like to join in the fun, DM
⬆️Link in bio⬆️

⭐Yay! We made it through Monday! ❤A lot of people are really starting to feel the effects of lockdown and even though restrictions are starting to ease off, it's all still so very real. ⭐At the end of each day we need to celebrate getting through it. If you're someone who is going through lockdown alone, like myself, give yourself a big fat hug or go hug a tree! The hippies are onto something you know ✌😝 ⭐Stay safe and stay well

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #hugatree #selfcare #exercise #movementismedicine #movementheals #energyshift #lockdown2020

🌄Good morning! I just did a lovely Yoga Flow
✌It feels so good to open your heart and release any built up tension
🧘‍♀️I'm teaching RESTORE AND REPAIR tonight at 8pm which is ALL about letting go opening your mind, heart and body to new possibilities
If you want to join, drop me a DM

#stillfitnesshomeworkoutpackage #yoga #yogaflow #pilates #stretch #restore #releasestress #movementismedicine #energy #flow #bodygoal #livehealthy #onlinecoach #PT #onlinetrainer #homeworkout #livingroomworkout

⭐It's not about how you look, it's about how you FEEL

In my younger days I thought it was all about eating next to nothing and over training my body so I could look 'thin'. These days I realise how foolish I was back then. But then I don't berate myself for that as life is a journey and we learn and grow as we go along. ⭐Looking good is really a byproduct of treating your body right. I don't train to look amazing, I train to FEEL amazing. 🤸‍♀️Your body is incredible and it is capable of so much more than we give it credit for. It loves to move and the more mobile we keep it, the happier it is and it will thanks you for it by providing you with all those feel good vibes.

Just how situations in life are constantly changing, so are our bodies. We get older, we gain weight, we lose weight, we get injured. Our bodies change all the time but the great thing is, while we cant control getting older or falling into a pot hole and breaking a bone, for example, what we can do is control how we treat it. ⭐When we nourish our body with good food and exercise, we get the very best out of ourselves. The mind and body are not two separate entities. When we look after ourselves we find that amazing connection and we are able to view the world in a better light and we are able to deal with the twists and turns that life throws at us ⭐Everyday is a different day. Sometimes we feel ahead of the game and sometimes it can feel as though it's all going wrong! But that's life. So celebrate the good times and move swiftly on from the bad. As long as we are being kind to ourselves and treating our bodies well, we find we have less of the bad and whole hella lot of the good!

#positivity #bodypositivity #feelgood #feelgoodvibes #onlinecoach #mindset #powerfulmindset #livewell #loveyourself #bekind #treatyourselfwell #pilates #fitness #strongnotskinny #happyquotes #lockdown2020

🏃‍♂️I'm holding a FREE Pilates for runners at 5pm UK time. If you would like to join, DM me for the details

I've also written a BLOG on why Pilates works for runners. Link in bio and scroll to the bottom
#runners #runnersofinstagram #rehab #pilatesforrunners #bodyalignment #posture #balance #symmetry #glutestability #hipstability #corestrength #powerhouse #mobility

☀️Here's to feeling all the good vibes and enjoying the simplicity of life ⭐Sunshine ⭐Good friends
⭐Health 🤸‍♀️Whatever your weekend entails, I wish you love, light and happiness and I look forward to the day where we can all reunite!
#sunshine #goodvibes #health #positivity #lifestyle #lockdown2020 #love #homeworkouts #running #lawofattraction #vortex #vibes #movementismedicine #running #simple #easyliving #sustainableliving

🍑My booty has never looked so good since lockdown!
💻My Online Home Workouts are total body but there is a big emphasis on the butt!
🍑🤣Buns of steel is what's going on over here!

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⭐Abundance for all! 🤸‍♀️It makes me feel so incredibly happy to see people thriving and making the best out of their situations. As a Pilates teacher, I've had to pivot my business to an online platform over the last few months and although it's been hugely exciting, doing it alone and with very little knowledge of technology has been a little tense at times! I'm incredibly lucky to have some wonderful friends who have been at the end of a phone or zoom meeting to help me with the things I just cant fathom and as a result, my techy skills have massively levelled up! ❤I'm absolutely loving seeing other Pilates/Yoga/Fitness teachers pivot their businesses too and its wonderful that we have so much variety out there to suit individual needs. Every teacher is different and we all have our own unique styles and that's what I love. How boring it would be if we all offered the same thing.
I've attended online classes run by:

And there are many more I intend to try! 🥂So here is a big fat cheer to all the fitness professionals out there, delivering awesome online classes and keeping the nation moving.
#fitness #lockdown2020 #lockdowndiet #motivation #energyhealing #energyiseverything #abundance #lawofattraction #supporteachother #supportsmallbusiness #pilates #onlinefitnesscoaching

⭐I've just launched my StillFitness Nutrition Ebook! 💻It's exclusively for the members of my online package but I've enjoyed writing it so much that I feel it's the start of new things to come! 🏠I'm all about keeping myself in great shape as I know how great it feels. If you're like minded as I am, give me a hell yeah baby!
#nutrition #positivity #ebook #website #onlinefitnesscoaching #homeworkout #holistic #pilates #fitness #bodypositivity #fitbody #fitnessathome #fitnessgirl #healthyfood #healthylife #goalsetting

⭐Your body is designed to feel good, not like some rusty old car that hasn't been moved from the garage in years. You are supposed to be able to move without pain, get out of bed without feeling as though something is going to go 'pop' and be able to tie your shoelaces up without becoming stuck in a painful position ⭐Pilates is a beautiful movement system that gives you your life back. It not only helps you to improve your posture, joint stability and core strength, it gives you freedom, confidence, independence and a greater sense of wellbeing
#pilates #movementismedicine #painfree #lockdown #onlinetrainer

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