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All our plans come with a seven-day free trial.  Get in shape, get fit, get toned all from the comfort of your own home.  Our mixed pilates, barre, power pilates, HIIT classes are all taught by Rebecca Still, qualified PT and Pilates instructor.

Group Classes Online

Choose from 3 live classes or 4 pre-recorded classes each week on our home workout packages.  If you can't make the live class, all classes are made available for members to complete in their own time.   Membership to our community is also included.

Struggling To Find Time To Workout?

Still Fitness has something to offer everyone. With a mix of live and pre-recorded classes, you can enjoy a community-based class with the chance to interact and ask questions and you also have to option of catching up with the pre-recorded classes at a time that suits you best.

Whichever you choose, expect to feel highly motivated and have a clear focus on achieving your goals.

Live streaming 3 classes per week and 4 pre-recorded. Plus a bonus monthly specialised workshop.

Weekly emails sent out with links to recordings of the live classes

A friendly community sharing goals &  providing extra workout content and tutorials

7 day free trial to kickstart your new fitness plan

Rebecca Still Pilates

You Can Be Anyone You Want To Be. Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself.

Are you feeling like you need more energy?

Are you looking for a positive change?

The world we live in today is extremely fast paced and it’s so easy to get caught up in that lane. While it’s great that we can get from A to B very quickly and accomplish so much, it also means that we don’t take time to enjoy the journey.

Life is so wonderful and it’s possible to feel incredible. We know that the mind and body are not two separate entities.  When we find that connection, we are able to excel in life; and who doesn’t want to feel incredible?!

Life is full of all kinds of experiences and challenges and it’s important that we are in the best shape possible when it comes to our mind and body to be able to deal with whatever life throws at us.

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What Our Online Members Say

I am very active as an Amateur Boxer and coach and I have always wanted to get Pilates into my schedule but fitting it in has been difficult. Now being forced to stay in I had no excuse and came across Rebecca's class. After trying it I signed up for the package and Pilates is now part of my daily routine. 

I am seeing a huge difference to my legs, glutes and overall strength from the Barre and Intense workouts, and I have learnt that as someone with a lot of muscle I have been letting the wrong ones switch on. Also, I suffer from tight hips and lower back pain, I know how the tools to switch the deep muscles thanks to the workshops and explanations Rebecca offers and the difference to all of my workouts is unreal. 

I am so grateful to Rebecca for putting this package together as it also helps me to keep in touch with other people in a time where I am isolated from everyone. 

Whilst I live in Manchester I truly hope I can continue to train with Rebecca beyond lockdown, as she is making a huge difference in how I feel mentally and physically. Without a doubt, I will recommend training with her to everyone. 

Also, the sessions are fun, yes they hurt but as the saying goes "no pain no gain" and when you start seeing the difference you welcome the pain!


I have had the pleasure of being taught by Rebecca for many years and always enjoyed her classes at the gym.

Rebecca is always so motivating and encouraging, she just wants you to get the most out of your workout. Her energy and positivity is infectious!

So to be able to reconnect with Rebecca during this strange time we all find ourselves in is just great.

Her Lockdown package of Power Pilates and Matwork is fantastic with Barre, Cardio Hit such a good variety, hard and challenging.
Loving the classes with excellent instruction and technique given by Rebecca. As Rebecca says you have to regress to progress with Pilates and I am certainly understanding and learning more and enjoying the workshops too.

Just love, love the classes and such a positive start to the day and much needed at the moment during Lockdown.



Ok so I'm a bit late here but....

Happy New Year! 🥳

Baby I'm back!

At the beginning of December I decided to take some time out. I'm very good at giving advice on self care but not always so good at practicing it myself. 2020 was a rough year for most of us and although I had some highlights, there was a ton of crap that came my way too.
I knew that in order for me to not burn out or end up down in the pit of despair from where I may never return, I should take some time out, and that's exactly what I did.
I had a whole month to myself where I only did the things I enjoyed, had a social media detox and took time to check in with what was going on in my head. I can highly recommend this to anyone. Even if you are unable to take a month off work, I found that by simply taking time out from social media and only interacting with those who truly care about you will do you the world of good.

Since the start of January, my focus has been my health. Mental and physical. The latter part of 2020 was a weird year for me health wise and I know that I dont ever want to feel like that again. My inner being has always guided me towards wellness. When I'm exercising and eating well, my physical and mental health flourish but when I derail, it only serves to bring me to a place of negativity.
We are living through such tumultuous times at the moment and for the most part, I think we are all to be commended for how we are handling things.

Whatever your views are on the current situation, the absolute best thing you can do for yourself is stay healthy. Eat whole foods, drink water, be kind to yourself. Be sure that your internal voice is kind too.

With so many of us suffering with mental health issues, it's never been more important to be kind to one another and understand that not everyone is having the same experience.

My focus for 2021 is to listen to my inner being who always guides me to the path of happiness. Do whatever it is that truly makes you happy and always strive to be the best version of you ❤

#2021 #newbeginnings #covid #blessed #mentalhealthmatters #comeback #january #mind #healthylife #healthandwellbeing #bekind #pilates #movementismedicine

Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you're having a lovely day.

I'm finishing the year on a massive high! I hope you are too 🤩

Happy holidays!

'Tis the season to be jolly, right?

Albeit this year has been a little crazy and this xmas will feel very different for lots of us, it's definitely possible to find your own inner festive cheer!

I'm heading into my second week of my very own Great Reset and I feel AMAZING!

Lots of exercise, meditation, whole foods, inspirational reading material, podcasts and no alcohol have me feeling high as a kite!

How are you doing?

Your story is not what other people tell you it is. Your story is the one that you truly lived and the one that puts meaning into your life.

What makes you happy?

What set's your soul on fire?

How do you want to live your life?

I know what makes me happy and I know that not everyone will understand the things that make me the happiest and that's ok.

Live your truth.

Speak your truth.

Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone.

Strength comes from living your truth.

To be true and authentic is your path to happiness, peace and joy.

You may be mocked by others but they have no power over you.

Discover your power within and live YOUR truth

Today has been a really good day!


I'm back in the game of life and the future is so bright, I need shades 😎.

How are you?

#gameoflife #positivity #reclaimyourpower #onelifeliveit #happy #mentalwellbeing #thoughtoftheday #comeback #innerstrength

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
Close your eyes and think about your vision of your future. What is it that YOU truly want for yourself? What do YOU want?

As you focus on the things that you want for your future and your vision is set with clear intention, you will notice that everything moves to bring to you to that place.

We often make life harder than it needs to be by arguing for our limitations or following a path that might make someone else happy. If you stay true to what it is that ultimately makes you the happiest, life becomes really very easy!

If you have some downtime this weekend, use it to think about the kind of future you would like to see for yourself and make YOU happy.

This time last year I was in El Chorro, Spain - Living my best life ❤

I've been doing some real soul searching these past few weeks.

Why was last year the best year of my life?

Was it because I discovered how to push my Fitness to new levels I hadn't realised existed?

Was it because I decided to stay true what completely makes me happy in terms of diet (eating whole foods, zero alcohol)?

Was it because every weekend I was away on a different adventure?

Was it because I was doing a job I loved?

The start of 2020 was a bag of mixed emotions as I knew something had to change. I has got into a situation where I was working too many hours and although I love what I do, its impossible to be the best version of yourself when you're sleep deprived.

Then in March, covid hit and everything changed! I found the first couple of months very exciting (albeit devastated for all those suffering). From a personal point of view, I now had down time. I had a chance to do something new. I started an online business and absolutely loved working on that every day.

Around the end of June, my thinking became a little less positive and I truly believe that what I was putting into my system only perpetuated the negative thinking. I began to 'treat' myself with chocolate and wine. I stopped training my body as much and as a result I became unhappy.

I also got too wrapped up in the doom and gloom of what's going on in the world and even though I've avoided mainstream media for years, its subliminal messages have a way of infiltrating your system if you let them.

In August I needed somewhere to teach my classes and PT so I opened the Still Fitness Studio. I had a wonderful bunch of friends help me with the project and that memory will stay with me as one of the most heart warming, glorious times of my life.

But I was still 'treating' myself.

At the beginning of October I decided to wise up. It's been a month now of eating whole foods, no alcohol, more training.

The result is - I feel happy! I have clarity. I've been able to make some momentous decisions and suddenly all the problems I thought I had aren't there.

Sometimes we do things because society says we should.

Life has taught me that the things you most want to do but don't do because of other people's opinions, are the things you MUST do.

Everything that I'm most proud of started with fear and ended with happiness.

#fearless #fearisaprison #liveyourtruth #goyourownway #bebrave #yourlife #happinessisaninsidejob #mentalwellbeing #befearless #thinkoutsidethebox #onelife

The Still Fitness Studio! ...

I've just been to @terrace_to_tunstall to pick up my meat order and I can't believe how much I received for my money!

I just about got it in my freezer 🤣

Having tried the heritage sausages already, I know I'm in for a real treat!

If you're looking for some quality meat with no crap then give these guys a call!

#farm #meat #farmlife #freshproduce #freshfood #health #healthyfood #healthylife #paleo

When you know what you want, you know what you don't want.

Focus only on those things that matter most to you. Bring joy and abundance into your life through positive manifestations and set your intentions.

#powerofthought #possibilities #changeyourmindset #growth #abundance #abundancemindset #positivevibes #setyourintentions #liveyourbestlife

Lets make today a really great day.

Take some time to do something you enjoy.

Think good thoughts. Put yourself in a place of contentment. No matter what situation you find yourself in today, decide that you're not going to let it beat you.

That is the wonderful thing about life. We may not get to choose what goes on around us but we most certainly can choose how we decide to deal with it.

Make today a really great day.

Drop a comment and let tell me something great that you have planned for this awesome Monday

#monday #motivation #vibes #energy #chooselife #livelife #mentalwellbeing #thoughtsbecomethings #poweofpositivity #mindset #growthmindset #pilates #move #mondaymood

Take a movement break!

Throughout the day, be sure to keep changing your posture.
There is a misconception that we have to sit at a desk for hours on end with a straight back and 'perfect posture' but this isn't the case. Its actually ok to slouch, so long as you don't stay there for too long.

Keep your body moving throughout the day and continually change positions. Every now and then, bust out something like the pose in this picture!

#mondaymorning #week #mondaymotivation #weekend #workingweek #motivationmonday #keepmoving #spinecare #movementismedicine #live #pilates #bodycare #health #helpthenhs

When you focus on problems you have more.
Focus on possibilities and see how quickly things change

#sundaythoughts #weekend #sundayfunday #enjoyyourweekend #sundayshow #relax #nothingispermanent #livelife #weekend #sunday #weekendvibes #chillvibes #possibilities #changeyourmindset

🚜Farm life this morning!

After a lovely Barre class and trot around Tunstall with the gorgeous @beckiestanion, I got to see her new born piglets who came into the world this morning!

💨🌞It's pretty windy out there and I think it's safe to say that summer is over, but getting up early and getting out there moving the body feels incredible


#farmlife #tunstallhouse #mentalwellbeing #running #piglets #farmhouse #wellness #earlymorning #morning #fitness #blessed #wellbeing #pigsofinstagram #animals #autummood

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I've been brushing up on the new rules today and ensuring my studio is 100% Covid secure. I have a new NHS track and trace on it's way to me which will be used alongside my own electronic system. This isn't mandatory but I'm doing it as an extra measure.

How are you feeling? How are you taking care of yourself right now?

Exercise and eating healthy foods is essential for keeping on top of general fitness but don't just focus on the physical and ignore the way you're feeling inside. These things are interconnected and will affect each other.

Acknowledge the stress you feel and let's actively address it in ways that feel good for you. Maybe it's writing it all down in a journal, maybe it's therapy, maybe it's meditation. Simply focusing on breathing deeply and practicing breathing technique's and taking the breath into the lower lobes of the lungs will put your mind and body into a place of calm. Take care of yourself.

Processing feelings and emotions can be hard. Sometimes it's easier to avoid them and lock them away but this is to our detriment. There are always consequences to unexpressed and suppressed emotion and that stress is stored in our system. Sometimes it manifests as sickness and can exacerbate as disease. 

Chronic stress really affects our immune system and we get ill more easily and often. We recover more slowly from injury and are simply unable to maintain a state of health and vitality. 

So many people right now are feeling exhausted, run down and overwhelmed. These are all signs that your system is really taxed. Remember the importance of self care and honour and protect your energy so you can fully show up.

Keeping yourself in good physical and mental health is vital right now. If you are struggling in any way- reach out. 


Rebecca x

Boris didn't say no. Phew!

Classes at The Still Fitness Studio are still alive and kicking, along with Pilates PT.

Despite the huge space, I'm still operating a strict 10 people max per class policy. Some classes are now 100% full and after listening to your feedback, I've included more beginner Pilates classes. There is a Beginner Pilates class starting on Thursday at 7:15pm.

Spaces for PT are filling up now so get in touch if you would like to secure a place.

My Covid measures are on my website and also options to book. If you have any enquiries, drop me a DM


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Work in progress!

This is much harder than it looks!

As a Pilates teacher, it's so important for me to maintain my own training and take my own PT sessions.

If you want to seriously work your core and build strength from the inside out, the Pilates Reformer is the way forward!

My knees needed to be closer to the carriage and technique is key to getting results.

#pilates #reformer #coaches #corestrength #buildastrongbody

Friday feel good vibes!

Living in these strange times is tough. So we must tune into our powerful, resilient selves.

Always remember- You're stronger than you think you are ❤

#friday #weekend #vibes #resilience #power #mindsetiseverything #loveyourself #havefaithinyourself #liveyourlife

✌Every single day, you get to choose how you feel, how you react to situations and how you deal with them.

There is no denying that this year has been incredibly hard for everyone. Things are changing daily and we cannot predict the future. But what we can do is control how we respond to what is going on around us.

Today I choose to be positive I choose to not get tangled up in media propaganda and social media hype. I choose to live my life as if it were my last day on earth.

What is life if you are constantly living in fear, dread and worry. I say no to all of that. I refuse to join in on the hyperbole. What will be will be.

I've just opened a studio, I have a mortgage. I'm running everything by myself and, yes, it's kind of scary but I'm determined to make things in my life work.

I said at the beginning of covid, that if I lost everything, it would be ok and I'd just start again. I've had my ups and downs but I fully stand by that statement. I refuse to live in fear.

Be brave. Be bold. Be fearless. Say no to hyperbole

#fearless #liveyourlife #hyperbole #mediahype #positivity #lifestyle #bewell #thinkhappythoughts #staycool #fearisaprison #lawofattraction #givethanks #covid19 #dontgiveup #refusefear #givinginisnotanoption #staystrong #bekind #unityconsciousness

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher. Having spent 20 years teaching fitness classes and coaching clients on a 1:1 basis, I am extremely experienced in the field of fitness and I have a huge passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

I trained as a dancer and have spent my entire life studying anatomy and biomechanics. I also understand that the mind and body are not two separate entities. The human body is the greatest machine on earth but we only get out of that machine what our minds allow us.

I believe that life is to be enjoyed and our greatest health is wealth. When you feel good in your body, every aspect of your life improves. We all have the ability to feel good and I enjoy co-creating and producing pure positive energy.